List Of Biggest Regrets In Life – Are You Making These?


Want to know the biggest regrets people have in life? Here’s a comprehensive list of the biggest regrets that you can reference today.



Let’s chat about the biggest regrets people have in life.

Regret is defined as  feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do.

To feel regret is normal but it is also avoidable when IN THE MOMENT you stop and ask yourself: will I regret taking an action or will I regret not taking an action?

The fact remains that many people reach the end of their years and experience so much regret. However it’s often not due to the things that they did do but due to the things that they DIDN’T DO.

People’s biggest regrets can obviously vary widely based on individual experiences, values, and life circumstances.

However, there are certain themes tend to emerge when researchers and psychologists study the common regrets of individuals. Want to know the most popular regrets of humans? Here they are: 



Not Following Dreams:


Have you ever had a dream for yourself? It feels pretty amazing to imagine you might reach this goal that sets your heart on fire. But then what happens? You pretend that desire isn’t there. You ignore it.

You convince yourself you can’t have it so you just fail ahead of time. Many people express regret about not pursuing their passions or not taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals and dreams. Instead they allow their dreams to just die inside of them.







Not Taking Risks:


Some individuals regret playing it too safe and not taking more risks in various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, or personal development. They have opportunities presented to them and rather than saying YES, they say NO. They do nothing and consequently make no new progress in life because they weren’t willing to step outside their comfort zone. The doors to new opportunities and new paths in life remains closed.



Neglecting Relationships:


Humans are social creatures and we have an intense need to connect with others. But humans also tend to get involved in conflict – which is also normal – IF YOU DON’T FIND A WAY TO RESOLVE IT.

This is one thing humans often regret the most. They wish they had spent more time with their loved ones. They wish they had less fights. They wish they said less cruel words and more I LOVE YOUS. They wish they had put more effort into maintaining their relationships, or resolved conflicts when they had the chance.



Working Too Much:


I don’t think many people get to their older years and think WOW I’M SO GLAD I SPENT SO MUCH TIME WORKING AND AWAY FROM MY FAMILY. Even if they genuinely love their work, they regret not prioritizing a healthier work-life balance. Remember an obsession with work may lead to missing out on important moments with family and friends.



Not Expressing Feelings:


Unsaid words are often just as painful as saying words you regret. Individuals often express regret about not expressing their feelings, whether it’s love, gratitude, or apologies, when they had the opportunity.







Living for Others’ Expectations:


Gosh this is something that we all realise at some point in time – that there is no joy is living life in fear of other people’s judgement. There’s no joy in doing things that make other people happy if it leaves you feel sad or empty inside. It’s not surprising that some regret living their lives based on others’ expectations rather than following their own desires and values.



Not Taking Care of Health:


Neglecting health is a common regret, especially as people age. This is because health really is our greatest wealth and once you erode your health, it can have dramatic consequences on the quality or the length of your life. Biggest regrets may include: wishing they had taken the time to exercise more often, wishing they had maintained a healthy diet, or ignoring medical issues.



Letting Fear Hold Them Back:


This is one that I would definitely put up my hand to say that I myself regret allowing fear to hold me back for so long in life. I was always focused on the worst case scenario rather than the best case scenario.

Even though we all know the saying: feel the fear and do it anyway, WE DON’T DO IT ANYWAY. Many people regret allowing fear to prevent them from pursuing opportunities, taking chances, or making significant life changes.



Not Learning From Mistakes:


Gosh there’s nothing quite like making the same mistake OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN LIFE. Not fun for anyone and not necessary either, if you take the time to learn from your mistakes the first time round. Regret can arise from not learning from past mistakes or missed opportunities for personal growth.



Lack of Financial Planning:


Ah money! I’m guessing you knew this would feature somewhere on this list. Some individuals express regret about not saving or investing money wisely, leading to financial difficulties in the long run.

They wish they started saving earlier or didn’t waste so much money on stuff that they really didn’t need or value in the long run. They wish they bought a property earlier (before the prices inevitably went up and up!). They wish they tracked where their money was going rather than watching it disappear into an abyss week after week after week. All common regrets here!







Not Traveling More:


I myself travelled for a few years after finished university and I know that I would have regretted not doing so. Travel is one of the most common regrets for those who wish they had explored more of the world and experienced different cultures. They wished they had taken the time to travel before settling down to start their family. Or maybe they regret not travelling more with their kids when they were young.

My husband and I took our kids to Europe for three summers when they were young and even though at the time it was a big finanical investment and it took a lot of planning to make it happen with our work, I still have never regretted one holiday that we took together as a family.




Not Prioritizing Self-Care:


Finally, neglecting self-care, both physically and mentally, is another source of regret for some people who wish they had taken better care of their overall well-being. Because you can try and do all the things in life, but if it is at the expense of your emotional and mental health, the result will feel like a net negative.

Now obviously it’s important to note that these regrets are not universal, and people’s experiences and perspectives can differ. You might already be able to see that you would regret not doing a few things on the list, but not all of them.

With that being said, keep in mind that acknowledging any potential future regrets can serve as a valuable opportunity for personal growth and positive change in the future. And finally, sometimes it’s better to do something and regret it THAN REGRET NOT DOING IT.


I wish you the best of luck, Frances xxx






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