Saving On Food – 7 Ways A Better Diet Will Save You Money


Want the best tips for saving on food? Here are 7 ways you can eat healthier AND save money at the same time.



Let’s chat about saving on food.

Let me guess – you like the idea of saving more money?


You’ve probably already tried a few fancy tricks but can’t seem to save more than a couple of dollars each week.


Now many of us are taught the traditional methods – things like looking for inexpensive gas or buying clothes that are built to last ‒ but for some reason none of these seem to make a big enough change for us.


Have you ever thought about changing your diet to save more money?


Think about it – besides your home and car, your diet is probably the most expensive item on your monthly bills.

Am I right?


Now let’s consider this question: how much more money would you have in your bank account if you were able to save an extra 20-30% off your grocery bill every week?


Chances are you would notice a huge difference in your savings account by the end of the year.

Here are the most effective ways you can save more money by changing your diet.








TIP 1 #  – Limiting Meat Consumption


Chances are meat is the most expensive item on your shopping list.

So if you were to limit your meat consumption to a few times a week, you could save quite a bit of money.

By switching to a vegetarian diet, you could potentially also save several thousand dollars each year!

Now this might not be your first option when it comes to saving money, but it’s pretty clear that switching your protein intake to vegetarian sources could save you some money in the long run.



TIP # 2 – No More Fast Food


Even if your local pizza joint and your favorite burger palace are just around the corner, there’s no rule saying you have to spend every other night giving them business.






Let me be frank with you: fast food is expensive.


My dad used to say that spending your money on fast food (and junk food) is like flushing your money down the toilet.

(FYI: he meant this both figuratively and literally – aka it all ends up doing down the drain later on!)

Remember, these businesses are there to make money, so of course you are getting charged more than it costs to make those items yourself. .

It would obviously be much less expensive to shop at the store and cook your own food.

Plus, it would be a much healthier option for you too.


So do what you can to avoid convenience foods and fast food


I can’t even begin to stress how much more expensive fast food and prepackaged food is in comparison to its healthy counterparts. 

Instead of eating fast food while out or microwaving another prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements instead.






Healthy meals and snacks don’t need to be complicated!


Fresh sandwiches or wraps can be easily made at home.

Meat can be grilled, vegies can be chopped and fruit needs little preparation at all before consuming.

If you are stuck for ideas, purchase an easy-to-use cookbook or google healthy recipes and try making some of the dishes instead.

Cooking at home is much easier than you think – and substantially cheaper and healthier than any prepackaged or fast-food option.

Even better, they can be prepared in advance so you don’t feel forced to give in to any junky temptations when the hunger pains strike.





TIP # 3 – Shop At Discount Stores


You know the stores – the ones with all the bargains that are so much cheaper than your local grocery store.

While it’s always nice to support local businesses, and there are many ways you can still support them, if you’re trying to save money, it might make more sense to purchase most of your groceries at the big discount stores.


You worked hard for your money and it makes more sense that you are getting the best value you can out of your dollars.


You’ll thank yourself when your savings account is looking much healthier at the end of the year.



TIP # 4 – Try generic brands of items you buy regularly


Most of us buy products because we like the brand or packaging without realizing just how much money has gone into marketing the product.

Remember most of the extra expense is to cover their fancier packaging and marketing campaign.


Is that really what you want to be shelling out extra money for? 


Consider buying the store brand or generic version of your grocery items.

If you have never done this before start with the simple staple items like flour, rice, pasta, juice and biscuits.

Many have the same ingredients and are just as good as the popular name brands.

You can save thousands of dollars each year just by doing this.






TIP # 5 – Take your lunch to work most days


Just like dining out can be expensive, the cost of buying your lunch every day will start to add up too.

Honestly it’s not that hard to make a sandwich at home.

Calculate how much money you currently spend on lunches and the amount you could save by preparing it at home. 



TIP # 6 – Don’t shop when you are hungry


Just don’t.

It will be so much harder to avoid temptation when you are starving.







TIP # 7 – Do a rush trip


If you tend to spend more the longer you take at the shops, do your groceries when you only have 30 minutes to spare so that you stick to your list and don’t get tempted by things you don’t really need. 

The End Game Is Simple


Whenever we look at saving money, it’s always important to be as objective as possible.

Let’s just say you love to eat meat, splurge on fast food, and shop at the more expensive local stores – that’s okay if you don’t mind spending your money on those things.

But if your goal is to save money and have a more balanced diet chances are you will need to make some changes that support both you and your bank account.


Keep in mind: a vegetarian diet is not lacking in any nutrients, and in most cases is much richer in vitamins and minerals than the standard American diet.


When you combine the increased health benefits of eating more nutritious food and the annual savings of switching or limiting your consumption of expensive meat and fast food, the option to eat healthier has never looked better!





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