A Productive Day – 9 Thoughts You Need To Stop Thinking


Want to know the secret to a productive day? Here are 9 thoughts you need to stop thinking for more productivity.



Let’s chat about how to have a productive day.

Have you ever thought about the sheer amount of time you spend thinking each day? It’s crazy right, how our minds never stop that internal chatter.

If you feel as if you think at least 99% of the time that’s because we have approximately 60,000 thoughts every single day. But have you ever given any thought to how much of that thinking is actually productive?


Here’s a fun fact: did you know there are two basic types of thinking: productive and unproductive.

Productive thinking helps motivate us, reach our goals, and create the life we desire.


On the other hand, much of the unproductive thinking we do is actually harmful to our happiness, contentment, and success.


So, ask yourself now: what types of thoughts do you find yourself spending the most time on?

Are they productive or unproductive thoughts?

Be honest with yourself!


a productive day



Now take the time to consider how unproductive the following types of thoughts are:




STOP DOING THIS # 1 – Thinking about the past in a way that creates regret.


This common type of negative thinking seriously has no positive benefits – zilch, nudda ZERO.

Remembering that time you embarrassed yourself in high school or had a huge argument with your partner only serves to lower your mood and put you into an unresourceful state.




  • The solution is simple. Catch yourself as soon as possible when you’re thinking about the past and redirect your attention to something more positive.


  • Or change the way you think about the past. What did you learn from that experience? What was the golden nugget you can dig out from that dirt?



STOP DOING THIS # 2 – Thinking about the future in a way that creates worry.


We also tend to look at the future and imagine the worst.

We think about all the things that could gone wrong and imagine the worst-case scenario.

We assume that crappy things will happen or imagine being rejected by the person we’re approaching or the job we are going for or the opportunity that has come our way.

We tear ourselves down before we even have a chance to build ourselves up.


  • The solution:


  • Notice when you’re thinking unproductively and bring your mind back to the present. Take a deep breath and have faith that everything will work out just fine.


  • Assume the best will happen rather than the worst (it’s just as likely right?) You need to give both possibilities equal air time.


a productive day




STOP DOING THIS # 3 – Daydreaming in a non-directed way.


Ah what can I say…it can be super fun to daydream!

Who wouldn’t like to imagine spending time meeting their favorite dead celebrity, being able to fly a UFO or other fanciful thoughts?

The only issue with this is – if these daydreams don’t even remotely relate to the dreams and goals you have in life this type of thinking is potentially not productive.
I’m not saying you should stop daydreaming altogether.


In fact, daydreaming when you are focused on your future goals can also be considered to be visualisation.


So, steer yourself into this direction – dreaming about all the things that you WANT to work towards in your life (I hate to break it to you but chatting to a dead celebrity or flying a UFO is never going to happen!)




STOP DOING THIS # 4 – Focusing on problems rather than solutions.


I’ve said this many times before but you are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution.

Focusing on problems alone only serves to cause you more stress and fails to address the real issue in a useful way.


Focusing on solutions instead puts you in a much more resourceful state and provides a chance for success.



So, put on your detective hat and try to come up with a solution.

Actively look for the solution.

Notice when you’re focusing on problems and start thinking about possible solutions for them.



Now for the good productive ways we can think (this also creates tremendous value in our lives):




START DOING THIS # 5 – Planning for the future.


It’s nearly impossible to be successful by relying on luck and chance alone.

You need to have a plan because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

That’s why planning for the future is a great and productive way to spend your time thinking.


Success for any individual person is unique but often comes as a result of some hard work and precise planning.


So, get to work planning!

Making plans to craft your future is a great way of using your mental faculties.



a productive day




START DOING THIS # 6 – Learning from the past.


Looking at the past can be productive if it’s done with the intention of learning.

Ask yourself these questions: how has the past made me stronger and wiser?

What have I personally learned from my past experiences?

Each success and failure (yes even your failures) can be useful for the future.



START DOING THIS # 7 – Seeking solutions.


Focusing your thoughts on finding solutions for the challenges in your life is a powerful way to use your brain.

Like I said before, put on your detective hat and get to work on finding a solution to any problem that you are having.

If at first you don’t succeed keep looking and looking and looking until you find the key that fits.



START DOING THIS # 8 – Looking for potential obstacles and threats.


Looking into the future isn’t always a negative action, even if you are focused on potential obstacles and threats.

Let me clarify: it can be useful if you are using this information to consequently identify and prepare for roadblocks and threats.

The trick is to use your brain to find solutions, rather than just worry.


a productive day




START DOING THIS # 9 – Thinking about what you’re doing.


I love this final tip – focusing on the present moment – because this is exactly what intentional living is all about.

You don’t think about the future or past. Instead, you focus on RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

Try spending most of your day with your attention focused on whatever you’re doing at that moment, without letting your mind wander away.


Not only will you get more done when you are FOCUSED, you will also increase the quality of your work if you pay attention to what you’re doing.


All in all, your brain likes to think.

That’s what it was designed to do.

As such it will provide to you a never-ending supply of thoughts even if you don’t want them.


a productive day



The good news is good thoughts help you live life with more focus, peace and clarity.


Now for the bad news: unfortunately, much of the thinking we do each day is mindless or negative chatter.

In fact, some of it is even harmful and is a waste of our precious time and energy.


You can begin to change by directing your brain to focus on things that bring you the most good in this world – happy, healthy thoughts that actually serve you.


This may take time and practice to get it right but rest assured, you’ll get better and better at it the more you practice.

You’ll absolutely love the benefits you’ll receive when you spend more time focused on productive thinking and less time on unproductive thinking!

Try it out and let me know if you can see a difference in the way you live your ways.

Much love and best of luck xx




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