How To Survive – The Time I Broke Both My Feet


Want to know how to survive difficult times in your life? Here’s how I survived – a story of the time I broke both my feet.



Full disclaimer: I actually broke one foot and severely tore the ligaments in the other (that rendered it the same as being broken) hence the reference to my two broken feet.


Let’s chat about how to survive difficult times.

This story starts with an episode of my 6 month old son getting a case of croup.

He woke up in the middle of one winter’s night barking like a little seal.

I remember thinking “oooh that doesn’t sound good!”

I hoped that it would settle the next day but when it didn’t I took him to the emergency room of our local hospital to have it checked out.

They immediately ushered us inside (no five hour wait for us).



What followed was probably one of the worst nights of my life.


He was given some Redipred and then connected to some respiratory machine to track his progress, while I prepared myself to spend the night sleeping in the sofa chair beside him.

He would be fine, they assured me, but they still needed to check in on him every hour to make sure all his vitals were looking good.

Every single hour they woke him up.

Every single hour I woke up too.

Actually that’s a lie. That would have required me falling asleep in the first place.

10am, 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am all the way to 6am they kept returning to check on him until they finally said: ALL GOOD, YOU CAN BOTH GO HOME NOW.



I walked out of that hospital looking and feeling like a complete zombie.


The sleep deprivation was brutal.

I was so tired that less than half an hour later at 7am, I fell down the stairs while holding my baby.

I saved him (such a great save, my hands kept him hovering up above the floor) but as for my feet…

The pain was excruciating.

I was sure I would black out.

I felt like vomiting.

Help, help, help me.

Thankfully my husband was still home so he drove me back to the emergency room, LESS THAN ONE HOUR AFTER I HAD RETURNED HOME FROM THERE.

There I was X-rayed and later CT-scanned (after the initial X-ray didn’t pick up the fracture but I was still in such unrelenting agony they were forced to investigate further).



My eventual diagnosis was one broken foot that was casted. Another foot with severely torn ligaments so no walking allowed on that either.


Eight weeks of no walking allowed.

Of course I could’ve used crutches if it was just one foot but I had done a number on BOTH FEET at the same time.

Oh and did I mention that I had a 6 month old and three year old at the time?
My parents were overseas so no help from them.

In actual fact I can’t remember anyone else really helping me during those two months, other than my husband when he came home from work and my in-laws who we would later visit every Sunday.



I took the accident as a sign.


It was time for me to slow down.

Once the pain subsided, I shuffled around my home on my knees everywhere, even to breastfeed at night.

I crawled up our stairs and bum-shuffled back down them.

It never crossed my mind to borrow a wheelchair (how weird is that?)

I spent a lot of time playing with my kids on the floor and somehow managed to lift myself up to a chair to cook food and wash the dishes.

I took baths with garbage bags wrapped around both my feet.

I made do with what I had.



When I think of the term “SUPERMOM” I think of those days.


This was when I first discovered that really I CAN DO ANYTHING.

Supermoms are born during these types of tough times.

When you’re faced with experiences that you think “there’s no way I could survive that”.

But you do.

You survive.


You make it through one day and the next.


You discover that you can cope.

Your strength and resilience grows and eventually becomes fortified.

This is when all the good stuff happens in terms of your personal growth.
During bad times, hard times, the days you wish never happened and/or would immediately go away.



You honestly don’t grow in the same way when life is easy and void of any obstacles and challenges.


It’s tough times that make tough people.

Of course I don’t love that I broke my two feet that winter but I DO LOVE what I discovered about myself during that season.
It was the gem hidden inside the crappy rubble.


An unexpected gift of strength that I would not have otherwise discovered about myself in the same way, with the same depth, if I hadn’t gone through THIS EXACT EXPERIENCE.


So don’t loathe the hard times.

Consider that they are there to serve you.

It’s these moments that will ultimately help you grow in life.

As always, much love from me and take care.

Much love,

Frances Vidakovic 




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