Loving My Child – 6 Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Loved

Having problem loving my child? Here are the 6 ways to make your children feel super loved inside and out – it’s possible.


Let’s chat about loving my child.

Ah love! One of the best things we can do as a parent is to ensure your children feel loved and happy.

But how do we do this in a way that is really clear to our kids?

Do you know if your children feel loved?

Weirdly enough, this task feels like it should be so easy and obvious but actually requires more of our time and attention than most parents realize.


I mean of course we love our kids – we are their parents – so they should intuitively know this, right?


Not always.






The truth is what you do is often more important than what you say.


Kids are especially sensitive to noticing when a parent chooses a person or activity over the child.

As they grow and learn about the world around them, children naturally assign meaning to what they see.

So when you’re too busy for them, they can easily begin to feel that they’re not worthy of being one of your priorities.


The good news is you can apply these ideas in your household to help your child feel more secure, loved, and happy:



TIP # 1 – Let them know you’re genuinely excited to see them.


When you see your kids for the first time in the morning and after school, ensure they know just how happy you are to see them.

Use their name, give them a proper greeting and show genuine pleasure.

I know this should go without saying but you would be surprised at how many people just give a casual glance or nod of acknowledgement when their kids walk into the room.


 Think about how happy you would be if the person you love the most did the same for you.



TIP # 2 – Make sure they know that your work is less important than they are.


I know work is important too but is it ALWAYS more important than your kids?

Many kids are constantly being put off or ignored because of work or some other task at hand.

That doesn’t mean a parent can’t work when their kids are around but do what you can to be mindful of any potential conflict.

If possible, take care of the kids first and schedule your work around them. This technique helps show them how important they are to you.



(Like I often do especially when the kids are on holidays as I work from home) just make it clear to your kids are still important to you.

(I mean of course they are and that may be obvious to YOU but sometimes kids just need to hear that reassurance from time to time).

I personally work so that I can help provide my family with a comfortable life.

I also let my kids know that working makes me happy and I find it fulfilling. 

I set my schedule and clear boundaries so that it still allows for quality time with my kids too.

From experience I can say that all work and no play doesn’t make for a very balanced or happy life.







TIP # 3 – Teach your kids at home.


Don’t assume that your kids will learn everything they need to learn at school.

Sure they will be learning math, English, science and similarly academic subjects at school.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg with it comes to knowledge your kids will accumulate throughout their life.


  • Many of the most important things children learn in life have nothing to do with academics.


  • They still need to learn about healthy relationships, setting boundaries, love and other valuable life skills. And if you don’t actively teach them these things, who else will?

Consider all the things you wish you had known when you were a young adult heading out into the world.

What information do you wish you knew in advance?

What did you have to learn the hard way in life?

These topics would be a great starting point to talking about with your kids.



TIP # 4 – Model good behavior.


Children often assume that the appropriate way to handle a situation is the same way their parents handle it.

Now this will be either good news or bad news to you?

Take a look at the way you behave in front of your kids.

Are you behaving like a strong, patient, persistent person?  

Are you setting a good example for them to follow?

Where could you do with some improvement?


Remember your child has the best chance of happiness and success when they have had someone light the path ahead for them.


Are you guiding them in the right direction?

Are you showing them how to appropriately handle challenges?

Remember, your kids are always watching and copying so do your best to model good behavior.


hot mess mom




TIP # 5 – Let the kids make a few of the rules around the house.


People naturally resist and rebel when they feel like they don’t have any control and the same can be said for your kids.

Ask for their contribution when it comes to setting rules around the house. It can be something small.

Perhaps they can choose which days to clean their room each week.

Or they can choose what to have for dinner (from choices that you give them).

Simple choices like this really do help your child feel like their opinion is valued and respected.




TIP # 6 – Limit the amount of media / technology exposure.


It’s easy to let the TV entertain the kids when you’re busy or frustrated.

Very easy to do my friend!

And most parents instinctively know that their kids watch too much TV.

So what does a parent do about this knowledge?





Too often we don’t even realize it’s a problem until it becomes a MASSIVE problem.


Yet as kids get older, life actually gets trickier when it comes to screen time.

With their cell phones, laptops and the Internet constantly grabbing their attention, technology is hypnotic, but the truth is it doesn’t make people happy.

  • Many studies have shown that people that use technology the most tend to suffer from loneliness at a greater rate than those that use it less.
  • Be conscious of the negative impact too much screen time can have on your child’s life and do what you can to help minimize the hours they spend on their devices.


In the end, your kids will truly KNOW you love them when you SHOW them that love.


Don’t just say the words.

Have fun with your kids.

Teach them everything you think they need to know and be a good example to them.


Remember love is a VERB not just a noun.


Just the fact that you are reading this post already means that you have the best of intentions for your child.

So give yourself a pat on the back for that.

Simply doing your very best is a great place to start.

Now go out there and put these 6 tips to practice!

I promise, they will help your kids feel more special and loved.




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