Self Care Day – 8 Self Care Practices To Embrace Today


Want to have the perfect self care day? Here are 8 self care practices to incorporate into your days for more self care.



Let’s chat about having a self care day.

Out of all the habits we can have in life, self-care habits are among the most essential ones for us to nurture. Do you know why self-care is so vital?


It’s because it demonstrates to others and most importantly to yourself that you care about YOURSELF.


When you give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others, this is when you have the opportunity to bloom and flourish.

Remember that analogy about the oxygen mask?

You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others.






Self-care is in fact a priority and necessity in life – not a luxury or selfish task to attend to.


So many of us are too focused on helping others and not focused enough on our own care.

Except you can’t do much for others if you’re not taking good care of yourself!

You need to make yourself a priority, so you can be more useful to those in your life.


By taking care of myself I have so much more to offer the world than I do when I am running on empty. Ali Washington


The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Diane Von Furstenberg


I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgence. Caring for myself is an act of survival. Audre Lorde



Here’s how you can care for yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Check out these 8 activities:



TIP # 1 – Grooming.


I used to think it was slightly vain to fuss too much about one’s appearance but this is a massive error I was making.

There is nothing vain about taking good care of yourself.

In fact good grooming is completely different from fanatically spending hours focused on your hair and makeup every day (which is of course totally okay if you want to do that; I personally just don’t have those hours to spare).






FYI: Attending to your grooming doesn’t have to take that long and it’s actually a good gauge of your mental health.


It’s amazing how much a good shower, shave, and flossing can do for your mood and attitude.

Those with significant mental health issues often tend to neglect their grooming.

It’s important to look and feel your best each day so do what you can to take care of all your basic grooming needs.

It can be as simple as checking a few things off your mental grooming list:

Hair √ teeth √ skincare √ nails √ a little lip-gloss √ and shaving √



TIP # 2 – Healthy diet.


It’s hard to rise above the quality of food you put into your body.

Even with conflicting diets and advice out there, you have a good idea of what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t.

You may opt to experiment with different diets and take note of their effects on your mood, sleep, energy, and focus.

Choose a way of eating that suits your body and life the best.







TIP # 3 – Exercise.


Exercise has a positive effect on your mind and body.


Exercise enhances your ability to sleep, uplifts your mood, and can increase your longevity.


The current recommendation from the medical community is to engage in at least 2.5 hours of exercise per week.

Can you fit that amount in?

If not, what changes can you make in your schedule to prioritize and include some all-important exercise?


TIP # 4 – Practice gratitude.


Gratitude is good for your soul.

It creates hope and contentment even in trying circumstances.

It’s easy to forget how much you already have if you’re not practicing gratitude each day.


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Oscar Wilde


Taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first.” It means “me, too”. L.R. Knost







TIP #5 – Practice forgiveness.


Forgiving others has a powerful effect on your physical and emotional health.

It also frees your mind from negative recurring thoughts and allows you to make more progress in your life.

You’re only stealing time from yourself when you hold on to negative feelings toward others.

Release yourself from these thoughts because you are punishing only yourself when you hold tight onto them.



TIP # 6 – Sleep.


Set up a regular schedule for sleeping and stick to it.

It’s not too hard to convince yourself of the importance of sleep once you have experienced sleep deprivation.

All you have to do is skip one night to experience the powerful impact of sleep (or the lack of sleep) has on your well-being.







TIP # 7 – Spend time with others.


You can’t spend all of your time alone and remain emotionally healthy.

I mean, you could try but at some point you may realise that you really miss the company and it becomes necessary to interact with others.

How much human contact you need varies greatly from one person to another.

And that’s okay.

Just make sure to fill your emotional tank with enough human connection time with others as per your needs.



TIP # 8 – Spend quality time alone.


Just as spending time with others is important, it’s important to spend some time alone, too.

This is the flipside of the above coin.

Just as human craves interaction with others, we also need some downtime and personal space.

Everyone needs to get away and be alone once in a while.

Again, how much time you need to spend alone is an individual preference.

Just make sure to allocate time for this important self-care practice.






All in all, the quality of your self-care is a great barometer of your overall wellbeing.



Have you ever noticed that your self-care suffers when you’re down in the dumps?

Or conversely that you just feel crappier when you neglect your self-care needs?

Have you also noticed how much better your self-care is when you’re feeling positive and healthy?


In the end, good self-care practices are an effective way of keeping yourself feeling energetic and so much happier in life.


Self-care is how we refuel our tank so if you’re feeling blah consider giving extra attention to your self-care routine.

You deserve the time and attention and your soul will thank you for that time well-spent.


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