What Motivates Your Child? – Here Are 5 Things To Try

What motivates your child? Here are the 5 best ways to motivate your kids to get things done EASILY (zero struggle).



Let’s chat about this question: what motivates your child? 

If you have children, you probably know how hard motivating kids can be at times.

Like seriously hard!

You just want them to get things done but…

Between after school activities, video games, cell phones, and computers, convincing your kids to take care of their household chores and other responsibilities can be a real challenge.


The truth is, not every method of motivation will work with your child.


Also, what works for one child may be detrimental to another!

Have you found this to be true in your family?

I know that what motivates me as an adult is different from the things that motivate my husband to take action.

As parents, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be a friend to your child, but your goal is to be their leader, teacher, and motivator, too!


Here are a few things you can try to help motivate your kids to get things done:





TIP # 1 – Kids love praise.


News alert: Your kids want your attention and praise.

If they know that doing the things they’re supposed to do will bring them praise, they’re more likely to do those things.


Because you’re their parent and they want to make you proud of them.


By encouraging them and praising them frequently, you’re reinforcing good behavior.


Ask yourself now: how often do you actively praise your kids?

Do you see them doing the right thing and think: oh I don’t need to say anything about that because obviously they know it’s the right thing to do?

The truth is sometimes we need to verbally share our praise instead of just thinking it in our head.






TIP # 2 – Offer rewards.


This is no surprise right? Often, children are motivated by rewards.

The rewards don’t have to be large or involve money.


You can reward your children by:


  • Spending time with them doing an activity they enjoy
  • Reading to them
  • Playing games with them
  • Curling up and watching a movie together
  • Giving them a little more freedom or independence


  • All of these rewards are positive motivators for your children. They’ll be much more eager to do their household chores if the reward is something they can look forward to.






TIP # 3 – Lead by example.


If your kids see you doing nothing all day long, they’ll feel as if it’s okay for them to do the same thing.

Yes it’s true!

You are the shining example of what it’s like to live life for them.

Remember that your children are like a sponge and they look up to you and want to emulate you.


So make sure you are practicing what you preach.


Show your kids that regular tasks can be rewarding.

You can start with the basics like baking.

Seeing a bunch of separate ingredients transform into cookies that get compliments can give your child a confidence boost to help out again next time!







TIP # 4 – Fear of consequences.


There’s a big difference between consequences and punishment.

When your children don’t do the things they’re supposed to do, you can teach them how their actions or inactions can have a negative impact on their lives and the lives of others.


Because that is the truth – all of our actions do have a positive or negative consequence attached to it.


You may need to take something away for a short period and explain why you’re doing it and how they can earn it back.

If they do X then Y will happen.

If they do A then B will happen.

This example of natural and logical consequences is essential preparation for adult life.







TIP # 5 – Show love.


Your children need and want your love and devotion.

Get involved in their lives.

If your child is really interested in something, do it with them!

They don’t need to do everything on their own.


Showing children you appreciate them and respect their choices will build a deeper bond between you.


When you ask them to get something done, they’ll be more likely to do it because of the mutual respect between you.

Be helpful when you can.

Life doesn’t have to constantly be a test that you are expecting them to fail.







It’s okay to be kind and compassionate when necessary and give them the encouragement they need to take action.


In a nutshell, motivating your children isn’t always easy.

It takes dedication and consistency to provide the example and direction needed to build a child’s character.

But you will find it so much easier to get your child to take action when it’s fostered in an environment of love, support, praise and gentle encouragement as opposed to one of fear of punishment.




While it may seem easier to throw in the towel and do things yourself, standing steadfast and finding new ways to motivate your kids is much more likely to help him become a productive, responsible adult.


As a parent, it’s your job to mold your children into caring, responsible and respectful adults.

It is your job to help provide them with the skills they need to not just survive but succeed in life.

Remember, children are people too – just mini, younger versions of adults – and are motivated by the same things that motivate anyone else.


Things like love, attention, pleasure, rewards and recognition top the list of things children crave in their lives.

Just like these motivators work for adults, the work for kids too.


So be mindful of how you are motivating your kids to get things done.

Be conscious of the fact that different things will motivate different children.

Identify what their motivator of choice is and make sure to use it to help your children learn to take action.

These essential motivators will help provide your kids with great rewards throughout their lives.



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