Change My Life – 8 Tips To Make Those Changes Happen


Ever feel like screaming CHANGE MY LIFE PLEASE! Here are 8 simple foolproof tips to start making those changes happen today.



Let’s chat about what to do if you think “I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE.”

Firstly it starts by you asking yourself a very simple question:


Are you living right now or just in “waiting to live” mode?


If it’s the latter, ask yourself why are you in that holding zone?

I know that might feel like a weird question, especially if you sincerely don’t know the difference. But I promise you, your gut knows the answer to this question.

People everywhere seem to be waiting for something to happen before they can finally begin living their dream.

They think they can start TOMORROW and this is a mistake because tomorrow never comes.

What they don’t realise is that now is the time to begin making things happen.






Even if you are short on time or money, there are still things you can do to change your life and get started on your dreams TODAY.


Yep, today not tomorrow.

Let today be the day you start to make your dreams come true.


Consider the following 8 tips to change your life today:



TIP # 1 – Realize that life gets shorter each day.


It’s seriously so easy to believe that you’ll have time to do what you really want to do after the kids finish school, you have a better job, you’re retired, or more money in the bank.

I know I used to think the same way.

I thought I had time to do it all LATER.

But why wait for later?

What’s the rationale behind that?

The truth is there will never be a PERFECT time to start living your dreams.





The amount of time we all have left gets shorter as each day passes.


Time my friend is the most valuable resource of wealthy and successful people.

It’s also the most valuable resource of the average person, but the average person doesn’t realize it.

Do you realise how precious the time you have at your disposal is?

And how are you using it?

Time is honestly all we have and time is a GIFT.






TIP # 2 – Define your dream.


It’s hard to start chasing your dreams when you have no idea what those dreams are.

Do you know what your dreams are?

It’s super important to have a crystal-clear objective of what you’re trying to achieve before you start actioning it.

It’s not enough to have a vague idea.

A vague idea won’t be motivating enough to keep you going when faced with obstacles.


Vague ideas will also keep you moving in all different directions because you aren’t truly clear which is the right path for you to take.


It’s important instead to have a clear picture of your dream that you can keep going back to when challenges arise.

What’s that picture look like for you?

Why do you want it so bad?

This crystal clear picture of your dream will keep you inspired and moving at your own pace.




TIP # 3 – Work backwards.


I know this won’t be a shocking surprise for you to hear but it won’t be possible for you to take one massive step from where you are now to the end.

There will be many baby steps along the way.

Baby steps are in fact my secret to success.


The important thing is to find something you can do today.


One small thing – it doesn’t need to be big.

Take that one little action.

Begin with the end in mind and keep working backwards from the endpoint until you find something you can accomplish right now and get busy working on it.






TIP #4 – Do a little each day. A little each day multiplied by many days turns into a lot of work over time.


Did you know that cutting out a few calories each day can result in a lot of weight loss over a year?

Or that adding a piece or two to the wood pile each day equals a lot of wood after a year?


Writing one page per day also equals 365 pages over the course of one year.


You can probably reach your dreams without spending eight hours each day on it.

Just do something each day.

Even one hour a day = 365 hours per day.

That’s a lot of time, right?






TIP # 5 – Deal with limiting beliefs.


The main reason you probably don’t already have everything you want in life is your limiting beliefs.

There are many forms of limiting beliefs.

They include:

  • It’s going to take too much time.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I don’t have enough money to get started.
  • People won’t approve.
  • I’m too tired.
  • I can always start next year.


Basically any thought that prevents you from getting started is a limiting belief.


So what thoughts are holding you back?

What thoughts do you keep spinning around inside your head, even though they make you feel crap?

Identify those thoughts and then ditch them.

It is up to you to find thoughts that make you feel inspired and full of potential.




TIP # 6 – Ignore the people that get in your way.


There will always someone trying to get in your way.

It might be a family member, friend, neighbor, or anonymous person online.

But so what?

We don’t need to make it a big deal.


FYI: You will need to be strong enough to ignore those people and stick to your plan.


Other people’s opinions don’t matter.

Focus on your own goals and your own life.

That’s all that truly matters in the end.






TIP # 7 – Focus on the things you can control.


There aren’t too many things you can actually control in life.

You can’t control other people’s thoughts.

You can’t control other people’s actions.

You can’t control other people’s feelings.


However, you CAN control your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Therefore it makes no sense to spend your time, energy, and focus worried about things outside of your control.

Keep your attention where it can make a difference.

And remember what those things are.

You can control your thoughts.

You can control your feelings (which are impacted by your thoughts).

You can control your actions (which are impacted by your feelings).

You can control your results (which are impacted by your actions.)







TIP # 8 – Celebrate victories.


When you have something to celebrate, make sure to celebrate it.

I know I haven’t always done this in the past and it has made me feel really small (especially when I’m so quick to celebrate other people’s achievements).

A long journey is definitely easier when you celebrate your wins about the way.


Even if your wins are small, make sure to celebrate your progress regularly.


You deserve it (I mean, you are your own most important cheerleader and a cheerleader cheers when someone has a win).

Plus it will be easier to keep you motivated until reach that finish line.

In the end, please know that it’s never too late, or too early to begin living your dream.


Every second that passes by is another second you’ll never get back.


So don’t hesitate….why would you?

There really is no good reason to wait any longer because the time to begin living your dream is right now.

I have my full faith and trust in you and your potential.

Wishing you much love,

Frances Vidakovic xxx



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